The value of a 3rd party or agency recruiter – for candidates and hiring managers

Why use a 3rd party or agency recruiter?

If it’s a reputable, thoughtful and professional recruiter the answer is simple – they will make your life easier.  On the flip side, an unprofessional recruiter can certainly make your life more complicated and frustrating.

If you’re a candidate, a good recruiter will have a deep network and the necessary resources to uncover the best opportunity for you.  They will effectively manage the process for you while you’re actively looking, and also keep you informed of new opportunities you’d otherwise not be aware of when you’re passively/not looking.

Qualities of a good recruiter from the candidate perspective:

  • Someone who asks you a variety of questions to uncover what type of role and company is ideal for you.  General topics that should be covered:
    – How far you will commute.
    – What size company you prefer (e.g., public, private, number of employees, stage of funding, etc.).
    – The types of companies that interest you (e.g., consumer, enterprise, retail, advertising, etc.).
    – The types of cultures you generally thrive in (e.g., collaborative, casual, traditional, corporate, etc.).
    – The type of role you’re targeting.
    – What you consider your strengths, as well as what skills you’re looking to add or build upon.
  • Someone that is taking into account your short as well as long term career goals.  Will this job provide the challenges you are seeking today, but also help you achieve your long term career goals as well?
  • Someone who understands that all job searches are confidential, and wouldn’t send your resume to a company without your knowledge.
  • Someone who believes in building long term relationships with both candidates and companies.
  • Someone who takes an interest in truly finding you the best opportunity, not just any opportunity.

If you’re a hiring manager, a good recruiter will give you hours back in your day by managing much of the process for you.  They will also provide a sense of security around meeting your headcount targets.  By utilizing their network as well as other resources, they’ll engage with the desired talent to keep your pipeline full.  They will also be invaluable in the offer/closing process.

Qualities of a good recruiter from the hiring manager perspective:

  •  Someone who asks you a variety of questions to uncover what type of candidate will be the right person to fill your open position.  General topics that should be covered:
    – Review and discuss your job description in detail.  If no job description has been written, they should be capable of asking the appropriate questions to help you define the profile.
    – Understand the desired job title and whether there is any flexibility on the seniority level for the role.  This will ensure they consider all relevant candidates.
    – What are the core skills and qualities that are necessary for someone to be successful in this role?  Review profiles of existing ‘star’ team members already in the role.
  •  Someone who takes the time to understand your team dynamic and company culture.
  •  Someone who will effectively screen and prepare candidates on your open position and company before submitting them to you.
  • Someone who values long term relationships and the power of a strong network.
  • Someone who wants to help you find the ideal fit, not just fill the position.

Regardless if you’re searching for a job or searching to fill a job, the right recruiter can be an invaluable resource to both candidates and hiring managers.

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