Scott Robarge : LinkedIn Launches Talent Pipeline

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional online networking site, recently launched Talent Pipeline to thousands of corporate recruiting clients representing some of the world’s largest companies.   Addressing the need for recruiters to better and more quickly manage their talent leads, Talent Pipeline is now integrated into LinkedIn’s Recruiter product.

A LinkedIn survey of 364 senior human resources and talent acquisition leaders across 80 industries in March/April 2012 revealed that 92 percent regard recruiting passive candidates as central to or a part of their recruitment strategy, and 61 percent plan to increase their focus on recruiting passive candidates this year.  The confluence of addressing companies’ corporate hiring needs and increasing competition for top talent via social media led LinkedIn to make it easier for corporate recruiting customers to direct source their candidates  and expand beyond the pool of candidates that are actively looking for jobs.  Talent Pipeline is ideal for companies seeking to engage early with potential new talent and engage passive candidates before they enter any formal job application process.

Since most passive candidates have not previously applied for a job, they are not in a company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and many companies did not have a scalable solution available for some of the most critical pipelining tasks.

Talent Pipeline allows recruiters to import leads and resumes into Recruiter, as well as search, tag, add a source and status, and also share records across the recruiting team.   This functionality allows you to better evaluate and build relationships with leads, based on the insights provided by their LinkedIn profile, including shared connections, activity updates, recommendations and shared groups – all in a format that is easily accessible, searchable, editable and exportable.

LinkedIn worked with a number of large Recruiting organizations to develop Talent Pipeline, including PepsiCo, Pfizer, Red Hat, First Citizens Bank and Netflix. Existing customers of LinkedIn Recruiter will begin seeing Talent Pipeline incorporated into the platform over the coming weeks.

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