Importance of Networking

TweetProfessional Networking – Here’s Why and How   People have networked throughout human history. At its core, networking is about building relationships through the sharing of expertise and/or resources. Today, we know networking is critical for companies and careers. Still, many find the concept slightly daunting. Fortunately, knowing the “why” behind networking provides motivation, and […]

How to Write a Great Job Description

TweetBy Scott Robarge: With the current hiring craze in the Bay Area, there are countless job openings as well as countless ‘run of the mill’ job descriptions.  If you want to get someone’s attention, you need to write a job description that makes someone curious, something that grabs their attention and makes them want to […]

LinkedIn Publishers List of 100 Most In Demand Employers

TweetBy Scott Robarge: Last week, LinkedIn announced their list of the world’s most In Demand employers.  Google emerged as the top ranked company out of over 2 million companies on LinkedIn. LinkedIn did not share much data about how they ranked the winners. According to LinkedIn, they“analyzed billions of data points between members and companies […]

Google Says 20% Using Mobile to Search for Jobs

TweetBy Scott Robarge: The Head of Industry for Recruitment at Google, Emma Frazer was recently interviewed by Web Based Recruitment for the October 23rd Mobile Recruitment Conference in London.  Google’s latest search figures on the use of mobile by job seekers suggest that 1 in 5 are now using their phone to look for potential […]

Scott Robarge : LinkedIn Premium – Is It Worth it?

TweetLinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 160 million members.  The basic service is free and for casual users of the service, is probably adequate.  However, LinkedIn offers three premium accounts (Business, Business Plus and Executive) that provide access to powerful tools enabling you to easily find, contact and manage your connections. […]

Scott Robarge : LinkedIn Launches Talent Pipeline

TweetLinkedIn, the world’s largest professional online networking site, recently launched Talent Pipeline to thousands of corporate recruiting clients representing some of the world’s largest companies.   Addressing the need for recruiters to better and more quickly manage their talent leads, Talent Pipeline is now integrated into LinkedIn’s Recruiter product. A LinkedIn survey of 364 senior human […]

Scott Robarge LinkedIn Security Breach – How to Change Your LinkedIn Password

Tweet Earlier this month, news outlets reported that 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords were posted on a hacker website. Although it appears that no e-mail login information associated with the passwords were posted and there have been no reports of unauthorized access to any member’s account, the breach exposed one of the most popular websites on […]

Scott Robarge Another8 Founder on Achieving a Positive Candidate Experience

TweetScott Robarge Another8 Founder on Achieving a Positive Candidate Experience A positive candidate experience is one of the most critical components to a company’s recruiting strategy. It starts with the first contact, and ends after the interview process is completed, regardless if it ends after the phone screen/interview or offer stage. Here are some suggestions […]

Scott Robarge Another 8 Founder Offers 8 Tips for creating your LinkedIn Profile

TweetIn the professional world, LinkedIn is where people go to learn about you.  Regardless of your profession, there are numerous challenges to finding the ideal job.  A LinkedIn profile that is optimized for search and paints a complete picture of who you are professionally is a great first step in getting in touch with the […]

Scott Robarge Another 8 Founder Shares 4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

TweetI have over 15 years of experience as a recruiter on both the agency side and in-house and I wanted to share 4 tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile.  For some ideas on how I use LinkedIn, check out my profile at: Don’t forget about skills If this section is not part of your […]